“A rookery of pomp and vanity, paris, I believe “

Paris-capital of France.

Population- 2,241,346.

Paris is one of the most popular cities in the whole world with respect of beauty and art. It is known as the “city of lights” or most commonly as the “city of love”.

But why do people call it the city of love?

Every road, Boulevard, and bistro is probably made up of the same stones, bricks, and cement as any other in the whole of France. People breath the same air, meet the same sun, the moon and the stars as in the rest of the whole world. On this account,one may call it just a city like many others.

But here comes the question of vanity; self-love.

As I see it, Paris is not just a city, but a living thing. A living city with a heart and soul.

A victim of vanity.

Every element in the great city feels to be profoundly absorbed into one another as if they emitt romance.

No being can give off love unless it loves itself, the city is indeed in love with itself.

Paris seems to be the consequence of a very passionate, intense and a fierce love affair between an eighteen year old young woman and a twenty year old man.

When a girl is eighteen and a guy twenty, that’s the time of their lives when they’re the most vehement and fervent about everything.

And what’s better to be passionate about than love?

When love captivates them, their love is not just passionate, but intense and fierce.

That kind of love affair radiates something. A spark that starts a fire to give warmth, or a ray of sunshine to enlighten the whole world.

Paris is made up of that radiation.

Made up of something that was emanate from intense and pure love. So it won’t be unjust to call it a whole being of love.

This is why the world calls the magnificent city “the city of love”. A poor being of love who fell victim to vanity to reproduce love.



4 thoughts on ““A rookery of pomp and vanity, paris, I believe “

  1. Well said…🙅🗼 I always thought the city was having An affair with itself and I still believe that. Glad someone agrees that the city never fails to give and generate love and vanity to Pariaians and to the outside world.


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