Secrets that lie within Love.


People always seem to be falling for this word. One word, four letters.

But what does it really carry within itself? What secrets does it behold?

I never could have known until one day, when I met love. Face to face. I felt its presence. Love is not just a made up word by an old English man with grey wriggly hair and a half lit cigar in his mouth. It’s a being, made up of particles from our own soul that lives within us.

People say everything comes with its own consequences and so does love. Some say it’s a wee feeling young bloods entertain themselves with. Others call it a hammer blow. A kiss of death.

I thought about it one day as I was sitting in front of the fireplace. I saw the ash rising up from the burning flames, flying and getting lost in its own little world.

“What would it feel like to fly?” I thought to myself. Having wings and the freedom to be able to fly has always had a great charisma for me. Everyone is scared of heights and once you let yourself go, there is no turning back. You’re in the middle of the deep blue sky when the fear of death kicks in.

Death is a mean selfish thing. It sets free a weak, vulnerable and helpless child in you. But once you open your eyes purple and azure, gold and white glistens in front of you. Colors captivate your heart. You stare and stare at the mesmerizing portrait painted on the endless sky. Sinking so deep into its trance that it kicks the fear of death out of your mind and you crown your heart the king. Making you feel immortal.

That’s when you open up your wings and fly.

Love is like that.

Gazing into his deep dark eyes that act like a mirror. You explore yourself and reveal it to him. So vulnerable, so weak yet so strong. Buried so profoundly into his trance that you shine out like Selena on the darkest of skies.

An immortal. Then and only then love reveals its secrets.

Kulsoom Murad.

9th November, 2015.


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